Welcome to ‘1 Raw Plant’ the blog that focuses on proper nutrition and exercise to keep all yall healthy and moving along. I’m Louisa Jenkins the creator of this blog and probably one of the biggest foodies you’ll ever meet. Born and raised in Texas, I was surrounded by the slogan “everything is bigger in Texas” but this did not satisfy me. I decided to focus on my nutrition and make my body better, until today where I am a nutritionist for many people that struggle with their eating habits.

Eating Healthily!

People should be aiming to eat mostly vegetables and carbs. Then they should go into their protein, dairy, and fats. Some people may vary such as athletes where they will need more protein and possibly carbs but this is where a nutritionist comes in to make sure they are eating appropriately. 


What to Eat and Avoid When You’re on a Keto Diet

What to Eat and Avoid When You’re on a Keto Diet

The keto diet is a moderate-protein, high-fat, and extremely low-carb diet. The reduction of carbs puts the body into a state of ketosis. It’s when the body begins to break down stored fats into ketone bodies used for energy. If you’re interested in adopting the keto diet to lose weight, you have to know what foods you should eat and avoid.

Some Ideas To Consume Less Sugar Daily

Sugar is a drug that harms our body more than we think. I keep telling my friends and family that, in reasonable quantities, there is nothing to fear. The problem is that nowadays, our food companies don’t mind putting it absolutely everywhere. The only food that is probably sugar-free is salt. In meat, fish, cold cuts, wine, canned food of all kinds, even salted, there is sugar.

Encouraging Kids to Take Immunity-Boosting Delicacies

The immune system is the greatest shield against possible ailments on our school-going children. Essential nutrients are the key to a resilient immunity and must be part of our kid’s lunchboxes. Before we become parents, our freezers are empty most of the time. But the day our children start school is when we realize the benefits of freezing foods so we can pack them fresh in the morning.