About Louisa

I’m Louisa Jenkins. I am 37 years old and I have always been passionate about nutrition and cooking. What I love: testing and inventing new recipes by mixing gourmet food with a delicate balance!

Getting into the kitchen is the key to good nutrition. As we are often in need of inspiration, I share with you some simple and good recipes, which are mostly quick to cook.

Raw food diets

Raw food is a way of eating that has many similarities with vegetarianism. It advocates the benefits of eating raw or very lightly cooked food. This diet, dominated by fresh fruit and vegetable oils, does not seem to be running out of steam. It is even adopted by many celebrities.

Raw or live food consists of eating raw food of 100% natural origin, unrefined and non-industrialized. These foods come from organic production systems that limit denaturation. They are rich in nutrients and enzymes. They contain no added sugars and very few chemicals.

One raw plant a day keeps the doctor away!

Pregnancy and nutrition

Are you a future young mother? When you’re pregnant, you are full of questions. What should I eat? Not to eat? In what quantities? What are the right choices to make to ensure that my future child is growing well? These are the questions that all mothers-to-be ask themselves and I am here to answer them. I will give you all the keys to success to adopt an adapted food for you and your future child.

Are you a young mother? Choosing the right foods for you while breastfeeding as well as for your baby is a real headache, not to mention your child’s dietary diversification. I am here to accompany you and make the right choices throughout this process!

Sports nutrition

Performance, recovery, or simple curiosity? Nutrition is omnipresent in sport. I will share with you some elements of nutrition useful for amateur or confirmed sportsmen and women. A varied and balanced diet is the key that will allow you to cope with the energy expenditure generated during physical exercise, but also before and after a sports session.

Every cell in our body is built in part by the food we eat: a balanced diet naturally promotes your health! Enjoy personalized support for lasting results: forget about dieting, simply relearn to eat.

Being a dietitian nutritionist

In parallel to my private practice and to 1rawplant, I work as a dietician in a follow-up care and rehabilitation clinic. In this establishment, I take care of patients with different pathologies such as diabetes, undernutrition, or cardiovascular diseases.

On this blog, you will receive information on this wonderful profession: Training, opportunities, differences between nutritionists and dieticians.

Nutrition is a science. A magnificent science because it allows to relieve, treat, or prevent certain health problems. In the articles of this blog, you will find a lot of valuable insights. Some resources are available in the form of videos, pictures, or ebooks all accessible through 1rawplant. I am happy to respond to your comments, so leave me a message!