Cleansing Our Bodies with Simple and Natural Foods

Every day our bodies must eliminate toxins whether they’ve come from internal systems, our diets, or the environment. There are powerful foods we should incorporate in our cooking to give us sufficient minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants. At the end of the day, we are looking to improve detoxification.


Understanding the Importance of Detoxification

The process of detoxification starts in our livers. It is not a one-stage process; the liver detoxifies in two phases. The initial step involves converting toxic elements to reactive metabolites before excreting them. The various cells that make up the liver have a large part to play in the detox process; cells like the kupffer cells, stellate cells, and hepatocytes (learn more at about their value in research) work together to eliminate toxins and act as a first line of defense against infections. Other organs including the digestive tract, lungs, and kidneys play a great role.


The presence of toxicity in our bodies can adversely affect vital organs. The most dangerous toxicants are the low-grade residues that we consume regularly from commercially produced plants and animal products. We may not experience the reactions immediately but their impacts are persistent and long-lasting.


Once in a while, we indulge in processed foods e.g. during social events. Later, we start experiencing bloating, lethargy, and sluggishness. Many times, we want a quick fix so we can get back to our vibrant selves. Instead of going for such things as ‘instant detox,’ we should adopt sustainable body-cleansing methods that start with what we eat. Here is a rundown of the best detox foods.



Seaweeds are available in different forms like wakame, nori, agar, kelp, and dulse. Most seaweeds are packed with iodine and other minerals that assist in the manufacturing of thyroid hormones. Varieties such as hijiki and arame contain high amounts of fiber that enhances the movement of heavy metals from the intestines. We can enjoy seaweeds better when they are chopped together with salads or incorporated into noodles. We can also sandwich them into quinoa and rice bowls. Wakame and nori make perfect ingredients for soups.



We all need a serious boost of antioxidants and pomegranate is one of the best superfoods with a load of anthocyanins. These are the antioxidants responsible for the deep red color of the pomegranate fruit. Anthocyanins have been shown to protect our bodies against inflammation, DNA damage, and other serious ailments like diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases. We also need anthocyanins to curb weight gain and keep our visual health intact. Researchers associate pomegranate with antiaging, claiming that it strengthens collagen and elastin fibers to prevent the formation of dark spots. Try sprinkling pomegranate on cereal or adding to a salad.



An important component of apple is soluble fiber pectin that binds heavy metal and toxins so they can be pushed through the intestines. Since apples are low-glycemic, our bodies absorb them slowly without creating a spike in blood sugar level or insulin. Apart from eating the whole fruit, we can create snacks and almond butter with apples for dessert. Alternatively, we can try them on flax seeds and oatmeal.



It is hard to talk about Mediterranean cooking without mentioning arugula. This cruciferous vegetable is made up of compounds that help with the absorption of antioxidants in the body. It is also packed with vitamin C and K, magnesium zeaxanthin, lutein, and folate. Zeaxanthin is said to protect our eyes from cataracts and macular degeneration. The best way we can take arugula is through pesto as an alternative for basil. Sometimes, the peppery flavor gets too strong in which case baby arugula would be better. It tastes great in flatbread and grilled peach avocado.



We can count on whole foods for proper digestion and healthy liver. Let us aim for foods rich in whole grains, legumes, lean protein, and leafy veggies. By giving wholefoods a priority, we can enjoy all the nutrients that our bodies need for detoxification. Rather than being conscious about carbs and sugar intake, we should make a point of fueling ourselves with fantastic meals.

As you can see, there are safer products out there to give us long-term health. If we were to follow some of the healthiest practices, we would never feel the need to go on a fast or stick to restrictive diets. It is all about showing our livers some love. If you have been drinking too much alcohol, give your body a break now that the festive season is over. Let us minimize bad eating habits so that our organs can reset to normalcy. We can avoid a lot of issues by supporting the body with detoxifying nutrients.