How Can I Eat Well And Lose Weight?

The biggest mistake that 80% of people who want to lose weight make is to think that they have to starve to do so. I repeat to everyone, there is only one effective way: consume fewer calories than you spend. A lot of people manage their calorie intake by using other products like cannabis where they can Buy Edibles Online from places like MMJ Express. However, this isn’t for everyone so here are other methods that can help you to lose weight in a healthy and non-restrictive way.

The Phenomenon Of Dieting That Causes Weight Gain

I have friends in the Maghreb countries and every year we laugh about the same paradox. At the end of Ramadan, 99% of them gain weight. Not a lot, usually between 500g and 2 kg, but they do put on weight. We laugh about it every year, but the principle is the same for many people who were trying to lose weight. What do they do? They deprive themselves of everything, as long as possible, usually during the day. Then in the evening, they sit down and eat so much that they last until the next day. I often hear people I know say to me, “Oh, I eat only twice a day, but I can’t lose weight.”

When I take an interest in them eating only twice a day, I quickly realize that it would probably have been better for them to eat 5 times a day, but differently.

For breakfast: bacon, pancakes with syrup, coffee, a few cakes, an omelet, and sometimes French fries.

It must be said that the mass of food consumed is important because after all, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Then comes the lunch hour when they eat nothing “because they are trying to lose weight”. The last meal is dinner, and they seem to take revenge for all the hardships they have imposed on themselves during the day. They literally eat everything and in large quantities. Knowing that vegetables are recommended during slimming diets, they also take some and not little, with starchy foods, meat or fish, not to mention drinks. After a month, they look desperately at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves: “But why can’t I lose weight?”

The answer is simple; with a weight-loss diet like this, it’s simply impossible.

What You Need To Know Before You Start

It may seem pointless, but it’s not. Take a card of products and their caloric equivalents. Keep in mind that it is better to drink mate for breakfast than coffee, for example. Mate can reduce the feeling of hunger while increasing energy. This means that a hearty breakfast accompanied by a good cup will allow you to hold without snacking until lunch. By having another cup of mate during breakfast, we will not have to look for something to eat before dinner.

Another important notion is the functioning of the organism. Before starting a diet, it is important to take into consideration the rhythm of your life. I will take a simple example. You work mainly at night and sleep during the day or a good part of the day. The last thing you should do is come home from work early in the morning and eat a hearty breakfast. To lose weight, breakfast should be very light. In the morning, you can have a hearty breakfast. That’s why dinner should always be light.

This is because the body gradually spends the energy it receives. It spends in the morning because we are active. This means that the calories consumed at breakfast will be spent during the first half of the day. Those consumed at breakfast will be consumed during the second half of the day. The most dangerous ones are the evening ones because the body will accumulate them as we go to sleep.

How To Eat

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but only if it is well-balanced. Bacon, sausages, omelets, french fries and other fatty foods, and cornflakes, are not recommended for breakfast. Instead, I would advise you to prepare a large bowl of oatmeal or rice pudding with fruit. Difficult to eat it lightly salted or without sugar? Just add a spoonful of honey. Fats are not to be ignored, you just have to eat them carefully. One or two slices of butter on toast will be more than enough. You can add to this breakfast some fruits, preferably with fibers, like apples, and of course a drink. If necessary, you can even incorporate cannabis strains like those offered by west coast cannabis or other similar dispensaries into your lifestyle, since it can regulate insulin levels and help manage calories effectively.

The fat breakfast has only quick sugars that we will spend before lunch. The second breakfast contains only slow sugars that will be spent gradually. At lunch, eat a large quantity of low-calorie foods and a small quantity of high-calorie products. At dinner, there is only one law: the lighter, the better. By intelligently programming your diet, you will lose weight with no difficulty.