Key Topics You Can Discuss in a Food Blog

There are very many instances when I have felt so uninspired and drained to the point I begin to think my dreams of succeeding in blogging are coming to an end. At some point, I started rethinking the whole idea of creating a blog site and shutting it down. I know we have all experienced this, but I’m glad none, or at least most of us, didn’t quit. Perseverance is critical and essential, especially when it comes to writing and blogging. Along with other things that entail all things SEO and how Google (for additional information, blogs such as could be useful) works, blogging can prove to be beneficial to many who know how to write quality content and monetize them correctly.

I recently did a survey and asked my readers which topics they would love me to discuss on my blog, and I have to say it was inspiring. I developed a list of ideas that will encourage us all to keep writing and ensure that all our readers are touched in one way or another.


We find recipes shared in food blogs all over, some for traditional meals. In contrast, others are newly developed recipes that we know our readers are interested in. But have you ever thought of looking for those recipes that are passed down from one generation to another? Sharing these recipes from families that have been keeping them a secret from the world for ages is an excellent idea and an incentive for your readers. However, you will need to get consent from the recipe owners before sharing the details.

Sharing ”How To” Posts

Some things may seem like common knowledge to most people, but they are not. Sharing how-to ideas, such as cutting onions without crying, making soft mashed potatoes, and cooking an evenly salted omelet, could benefit some of our readers. However, if you want to delve deeper and establish yourself as a person who knows the ins and out of the food industry, then discuss the topics of how to successfully establish a food business–you can talk about 100 ways how to make a restaurant a household name. Perhaps, discuss subjects like what food menus could be a perfect fit for any restaurant, how a new restaurant can use Promotional Branded Food Truck, or how to create an impressive ambience.

Opinions on Professional Kitchens

This is something that perhaps food bloggers may struggle with, as often we are amateurs and who would feel truly comfortable critiquing a professional. However, our opinions can be highly valid and our passion should be something of value. Sometimes you may not have a good experience in a restaurant food-wise. Or it may be revealed through publications that restaurants in your local area do not use services similar to Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Professionals in Charleston, SC, or a proper food sorting system to avoid cross contamination. In the case that you do find out information such as this then it should be more than acceptable for you to share your opinions on the matter online and with other members of the food blogging community.

Giving Reviews

A while ago, I did this when I tried and tested a new product in the market and wrote up a review on my blog, and I got an awe-inspiring response. I look forward to continuing to test food-related products, appliances, and tools and writing reviews of my experiences with them. This will offer my readers more insights on how the products work, which ones they should avoid, and the new ones they should consider.

Doing Interviews

I haven’t tried this, but I must say it’s something I’m considering. I’m planning to bring in famous local chefs, local fellow food bloggers, and grandmas who are known to be guarding family recipes, and maybe they might let us in on the secrets. Also, bringing in restaurant owners and having them let us know the ideas of running the restaurant and hotel business and managing the pressure of having negative reviews about their hotels and what they do to ensure they don’t go out of business. Asking questions about the technology and software they use (for booking, management, and pms used in hotels) can attract the people connected to this business. Such interviews will be beneficial, especially to upcoming and struggling restaurant owners.

Talk About Myself

From the research, I found out that many people were interested in knowing more about me. The things they wanted to know included what my favorite healthy foods are. They also wanted me to share a day in my life, especially my food rituals and the preparation process. This and a few other things about us related to food would make fascinating blog topics that most of your readers would love and appreciate.

Show Readers We Are Human

I picked up another idea that our readers would love to see a few of our behind the scenes stories. An idea would be to share the many failures we experience in our kitchens and reveal our favorite recipes. We should also share our kitchen hacks and anything that will make our readers feel that we are exactly like them and even show the food preparation processes.

Collaboration with Fellow Bloggers

The readers seemed very excited about the idea of their favorite food bloggers coming together to create a series of recipes, friendly bake-offs, and also collaborating to try new recipes and other exotic meals and giving our reviews and ideas.

Trying Difficult Recipes

Trying out complicated recipes and giving feedback is an idea I’m yet to accomplish. We can all try any complicated and challenging recipe and even add our twist to the dish and share it with our followers. Giving our insights on the results and how the meal came out at the end is a great idea.

In a nutshell, there are tons of topics in the food and cooking sphere that readers want us to discuss. Each of us writers has a different way of telling our story, so I don’t see why we should not share ideas. If you are a lover of food/cooking articles, please shoot some topics you would like to read about. Meanwhile, let’s keep glorifying the kitchen.