Some Ideas To Consume Less Sugar Daily

Sugar is a drug that harms our body more than we think. I keep telling my friends and family that, in reasonable quantities, there is nothing to fear. The problem is that nowadays, our food companies don’t mind putting it absolutely everywhere. The only food that is probably sugar-free is salt. In meat, fish, cold cuts, wine, canned food of all kinds, even salted, there is sugar. Today we consume 10 times more sugar than our ancestors. Is it any wonder that the rate of obesity and diseases related to the overconsumption of sugar such as diabetes is constantly increasing, even among teenagers? Certainly not! That’s why I strongly recommend you to reduce the amount of sugar you consume daily. The only thing left to do is to solve the equation: how to do it when you are systematically invaded by sugar?


Not All Sugars Are The Same

Before reducing sugar consumption, we must first understand that not all sugars are equal. In fact, sugar is not a harmful element for the body, quite the contrary. It is sugar that brings energy to the body and allows us to perform our daily tasks. The biggest problem of our society is that we consume a lot of sucrose and processed sugar. However, in excess, and associated with proteins, these have the particularity of being transformed into glycemic molecules. These fats accumulate in the body and end up harming its functioning.


We therefore understand that there is no question of eliminating sugar from the diet. It is impossible, and if the intake is very low; it is even dangerous. It is reducing the consumption of bad sugar and adopting attitudes that prevent us from consuming it.


Eliminate White Sugar Systematically

If there is one sugar that has no place in our natural diet, it is refined sugar. It has absolutely no interest from a nutritional point of view and only contributes to harming the body. It impairs learning ability, causes digestive problems, damages oral health, causes high blood pressure and obesity to name a few. There is no reason to consume it, but this does not mean that we should deprive ourselves of sugar.


Opt Only For Natural Sugars

For some people, it’s problematic to follow a diet without white sugar. But there are alternatives. Unable to drink tea without sugar, I advise you to drink it with fruit, fresh or dried. You can also opt for a teaspoon of honey instead. Difficult to prepare pastries or crepes without sugar? Once again, honey will be the ideal substitute. We can also use cane sugar or cane syrup, but not refined.


Sleep Is Important

Sleep deprivation has a detrimental effect on learning, but it also has a detrimental effect on nutrition. When we are tired, we want to eat and our body invites us to consume the foods that will give it energy as quickly as possible. Therefore, we will eat donuts, pastries, sugar drinks and other harmful foods.


Sweeteners Do Not Improve Health.

Marketers have been trying to sell this for decades. Nothing better, it would seem, than ditching refined sugars for sweeteners. Better yet, nothing better than so-called diet products. In reality, it’s just the opposite. With pure sugar, the body gets a certain amount of sugar that it will process first before asking for the next one. With sweeteners, the body triggers all the mechanisms for processing sugar, but does not get it. On the surface it’s perfect, but in reality, it’s not so perfect because to reduce these reactions, we must eat twice as much sugar.


Learn How To Use Spices

We can have a great desire to sweeten to the extreme, for example a home-made yogurt or mashed potatoes or any other dish. If this craving is really uncontrollable, first reduce the spoonful of honey with cane or fruit sugar and add a spice, vanilla for example. Spices enhance the taste of the food and reduce the need to sweeten it.


Put A Cross On Fast Food And Pre-Cooked Dishes

Corn flakes are good, but they’re sugar bombs, including those said to be good for slimming. Rather than having a dish of cornflakes with milk in the morning, I would recommend making a dish of oatmeal with honey or fruit.


It’s easier to eliminate excess sugar from your daily diet. With a little good will and discipline, you can reduce your sugar intake by over 50% after a few weeks.