The Best Foods to Eat Before Workouts

Lately, I am getting the most out of my workout sessions and I love it. I try to train harder, cycle faster, run a little bit quicker, or even jump higher than I did the past sessions. Previously I used to think that mental nutriment was the most vital thing while keeping fit. This was until my body gave in, and I crashed. I was not able to work out for over a month. My body was weak from inadequate nourishment and a low diet. I thought that eating less would make me lose weight quickly and stay fit, but I was wrong.


Dieting and proper nutrition are vital, especially when it comes to weight management and staying healthy and fit. After my recovery, I researched what to eat and what not to eat in my day-to-day life. I also came up with a comprehensive list and program of foods that I eat before a workout session. Of course, if you are someone who does intense training sessions, you might have to take additional strength-boosting supplements. For example, you can improve your workouts with with Steel Supplements (they have plant-based products as well). Anyway, the following foods give me adequate energy to see me through the training session.



I call them nature’s power bar. Bananas are packed with carbohydrates and potassium to help support nerve and muscle function. Carbohydrates are fuel for our bodies and the brain. The fruit is also packed with potassium and natural sugars. The electrolyte helps a lot when it comes to the prevention of muscle cramps.



Oats are full of fiber. They end up releasing carbohydrates in the long run. They have a long and gradual breakdown of nutrients. This ensures the energy levels are kept consistent throughout the working sessions. The oats will give energy and sustain a person throughout a vigorous and challenging training session. When I plan to train harder and longer, I take a bowl of oats before the session. The oats contain vitamin B that aids in the conversion of carbohydrates into energy. I would recommend the Irish oats because they are the least processed.


Fruits And Greek Yogurt

I ensure to add a bowl full of different kinds of fruits that provide me with nutrients. The Greek yogurt is filled with protein. One can use regular yogurt for this, but Greek yogurt contains double the protein count, and it has fewer carbohydrates. When mixed, the carbs in the fruits are broken down quicker. They are then used as fuel throughout the workout session. The protein is stored for much longer in the body to help prevent any muscle damage.


Trail Mix

Trail mix is a type of pre-workout snack that contains granola, dried fruits, and nuts. Some people add sweets to the mix, but I prefer mine without any additions. The nuts include a very high-fat content. Therefore, they contain enough calories and protein required, especially for those aiming at adding to their muscle mass. Those seeking to reduce should altogether avoid the nuts or take very tiny portions. You can buy a pre-prepared trail mix from a grocery store but avoid the ones with a yogurt or chocolate coating or make a healthier version at home.


Whole Grain Bread

Two slices of whole-grain bread is a very rich source of carbohydrates. I add a hard-boiled egg or a piece of low-fat turkey for my protein serving. I’m not too fond of it, but one can add some raw tomatoes and lettuce for vitamins.


Brown Rice with Chicken

Many people prefer training in the morning before work or their daily routines. But there are a few of us who, for one reason or another, like working out in the evening. For this lot, chicken and some brown rice is a better option. The brown rice is absorbed slowly, which makes it a good source of carbs and fiber. Lean chicken meat is an ideal source of protein. This combination works together by slowly releasing energy into the body throughout the workout and providing materials for tissue building.