Why It’s Good to Have a Sports Hero

We spend all day, every day with our coworkers, in meetings, and in classes. We spend most of our time interacting with people who see the world much differently than we do. Being close to people who don’t share our political viewpoints or our religious beliefs, our hobbies, or our other interests can be uncomfortable, to say the least. The challenge is that many of our coworkers and classmates are not the outliers with challenges that our sports heroes overcame. They struggle with many of the same things, and they may view it as their fault.

Sports heroes inspire people to do things they normally wouldn’t do. Sure, there are stories of people who get inspired to change their lives after witnessing an athlete win a gold medal, but sports heroes inspire people to live healthier and happier lives.

What Is a Sports Hero?

A sports hero is a figure whose actions, whether on the field or in the community, inspire and give hope to many. Sports heroes may come from competitive teams, volunteer organizations, or other walks of life. Sports heroes share one common trait: they inspire no matter the setting. Sports heroes are individuals who motivate others to be their best and give hope to those experiencing hardship or difficulties.

The Benefits of Having a Sports Hero in Our Life

  • You can help motivate each other – Many of us have sports heroes in our lives—either from a past time when we were young or from current athletes that we love to watch. Because sports heroes inspire us, and because they keep us going when things seem tough, having a sports hero in your life can be very beneficial.
  • Learn life lessons through their journey – For most people, our sports heroes are starred on the silver screen or professional athletes on the field. For children, sports heroes are larger-than-life characters that inspire them to pursue their dreams and set goals. Sports heroes not only teach us about perseverance, teamwork, and love, but they also provide us with valuable life lessons that we can apply in our own lives.
  • Forge friendships that will last a lifetime – Most of us can agree that sports are an important part of our lives, as they teach us valuable lessons about teamwork, hard work, and overcoming obstacles. They also help us bond with friends, and for some, lifelong friendships are formed based on a single shared interest in a sport. These friendships are invaluable, and some have even gone on to last a lifetime.
  • Heroes save us when we’re in trouble – Sports heroes provide us with inspiration, motivation, and a sense of pride when we play, watch, or cheer them on. Our heroes help us to stay fit, healthy, and happy. Sports heroes are role models who can help us stay out of trouble. Having a hero influences our behavior in positive ways and can help us cope with stress, depression, and loneliness.

Sports heroes are everywhere. Whether it’s baseball, basketball, football, or soccer, there’s a sports hero for that. They have skills that the rest of us only dream of having. They can catch a fly ball, dive for a loose ball, and run faster than most. They lead their team to victory. These sports heroes teach us how to live, love, and persevere, and they even teach us some of our most cherished values—such as teamwork, courage, and grit. Sports heroes are the role models we all look up to.

When you watch adventure movies, you may have a hero in mind. Superheroes like the Hulk, Superman, and Spider-Man save the day from bad guys. But have you ever considered that your hero is actually the hero of your own life? You don’t see a superhero rescuing you from life-threatening danger. Instead, you wake up every day feeling safe, healthy, and free. The hero of your own life is always there for you when you need it, and that hero is you.

Sports heroes are more than just professional athletes. They’re role models and represent the best of the human spirit. That’s why it’s so important to raise them from an early age and teach them what it takes to be a great athlete and citizen. Sports heroes aren’t only good for our youth; they can also be great reminders that our lives are filled with challenges that will test our character and help us grow. Sports hero stories make great bedtime stories for kids, too!

What inspired you to get involved in sports in the first place? For many, it’s sports heroes. Whether it is your coach, a parent, or a family member, sports heroes inspire us to reach for our dreams and follow our hearts. These role models can be remembered forever, and they show us what you can achieve if you reach for the stars.

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